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Bittner, Elisabeth; Gregorc, Walter

Experiencing Project Management

Projects, Challenges & Lessons Learned

2010, 231 pages, 88 colored photos and illustrations, hardcover
Retail price € 24.90

A project manager must not only master methods and processes, but also have the ability to deal with new, unexpected and critical situations. The book deals with these challenges, the passion for projects and the creativity which is required in order to lead projects and bring them to a successful conclusion. Experienced project managers report on exciting tasks in various countries, daily life as project managers and about their personal experiences and learning effects.

Readers will experience the fascinating appeal of the job of a “project manager”, which also means constantly being prepared to get into a new task. Furthermore, the book provides ideas about how to overcome social, cultural, organisational, financial, bureaucratic or other hurdles.

Not only classic project managers – engineers and economists –, but also lawyers or industrial engineers, who work in projects or are interested in project work, will be inspired by this book, how personal commitment and professional, organisational and social capabilities combine to form this unique profession.

German edition:
Abenteuer Projektmanagement

Preis: 24,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-89578-378-4


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