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Hertrich, Peter

Practical Radiography

Principles and Applications

2005, 316 pages, 222 illustrations, hardcover
€ 49.90

This book provides radiological technicians, radiologists, technicians, developers and sales engineers with a unique display of the methods and applications used in radiography. Building on the physical basis and the quality and effects of X-rays, the book describes X-ray systems for diagnostics and interventions, the technique behind a radiographic image, image quality, patient data management including data archiving and communication with PACS in the hospital as well as between a physician’s practice and hospitals. All descriptions are in accordance with the technical and diagnostic requirements to be met by modern, frequently digital radiographic as well as image processing methods and systems.

Medicine and Technology, the physical principles · Characteristics and quality of X-rays · X-ray exposition, dose, radiation protection · X-ray systems for orthopedics, trauma, emergency and bedside exposures · X-ray systems for mammography, for universal as well as special angiography · Xray systems with focus on internal medicine · X-ray systems for urology, for the OR, for dental images, for computed tomography · System components · Image receiver systems and viewing stations · X-ray exposure technique: projections, contrast agent, exposure parameters, digital exposure technique · Image quality · Patient data management · PACS.

Preis: 49,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-89578-210-7


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