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Zaleski, John

Integrating Device Data into the Electronic Medical Record

A Developer´s Guide to Design and a Practitioner´s Guide to Application

2009, 354 pages, 133 illustrations, 58 tables, softcover
€ 42.90

Written by an author who is known for his brilliant expertise, and marking a step on the way to the next generation of medical devices that are no dummies but operate as colleagues in the healthcare enterprises, this is the first book addressing medical device integration with the Computer-based Patient Record in a holistic way. Stepping into the area of two-way device control, and presenting the trade-offs and best practises of medical device data use in the CPR, it is a fundamental guide for a large group of people: clinical and biomedical engineers, physicians, bioinformatics practicioners, as well as HIS/CPR vendors.
Providing the essential how-to for medical device integration, the book points out information on data extraction, that is usually not given by device vendors. This comprises topics such as the benefits and regrets of third-party software, information on what to do when you develop interfaces on your own, regulatory issues and how to assure connectivity and access to data.
For physicians, it is a primer and knowledge manual for data integration when applied to clinical care and trials. It gives information on knowledge management and how data can be used statistically, displaying the workflow and how medical devices have to be integrated. Furthermore, it gives an impression how much data has to be integrated, and how frequently this happens.
HIS and CPR vendors may learn how data integration can be made more simple and how software developers may be assisted in the process of communicating vital information to their repositories.

The current landscape for medical device integration · Mechanisms for data integration · The computer-based patient record · Types of devices and their data · The balance between data overload and the sufficient amount of information · Real-time versus non-real-time data integration · Data association and positive patient identification techniques · Moving normally wired devices into the wireless domain · When does the interface become a medical device? · Techniques for evaluating and acting on medical data · The future of integration

Preis: 42,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-89578-323-4


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