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Hilzinger, Rainer; Rodewald, Werner

Magnetic Materials

Fundamentals, Products, Properties, Applications

2013, 608 pages, 417 illustrations, 72 tables, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-89578-352-4
€ 59.90

At a practical level, this compendium reviews the basics of soft and hard magnetic materials, discusses the advantages of the different processing routes for the exploitation of the magnetic properties and hence assists in proper, fail-safe and economic application of magnetic materials. Essential guidelines and formulas for the calculation of the magnetic and electrical properties, temperature and long-term stability of permanent magnets, of inductive components and magnetic shielding are compiled. Selected fields of application and case studies illustrate the large diversity of technical applications. Application engineers will appreciate the comprehensive compilation of the properties and detailed characteristic curves of modern soft and hard magnetic materials. Materials scientists will enjoy the presentation of the different processing routes and their impact on the magnetic properties and students will profit from the survey from the basics of magnetism down to the applications in inductive components, magnetic shielding and magnet assemblies.

This ist the only book giving such a comprehensive, practically-oriented overview on this topic!

Preis: 59,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-89578-352-4


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