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Langwost, Ralf

How to Catch the Big Idea

The Strategies of Top-Creatives
With a Foreword by John Hegarty

2004, 302 pages, hardcover with book jacket
€ 47.90

Great and successful advertising ideas do not come about just by chance; they result from a professionally managed creative process. That is the reason why top creative agencies and clients can repeatedly come up with great ideas. This book shows what these creative experts have in common. This is emphasized by numerous original quotes from interviews held by the author with more than 70 such communication experts from 15 countries. To answer the exciting question "how to be creative faster, more often and with more precision?"

For all those involved in the creative process, this book provides a practical workflow structure and powerful tips for coming up with great communication ideas. Starting with the first meeting with the client proceeding on through briefing, gathering information, strategic writing of the benefits, finding the idea, describing and rating it, and finally producing the idea and making sure that it is well protected. This book shows the reader how to optimize his/her own thought process and working method - effectively, clearly and independently.

"How to Catch the Big Idea" provides practical, powerful and inspiring impetus for the reader´s daily business. The book clearly and concretely describes how to develop and manage great ideas. It shows how to create a relevant strategy and ultimately put it to effect, to establish and support an effective and more creative working structure. Whoever wants to learn from the world´s best creatives will really enjoy this book.

German edition: How to catch the Big Idea

Preis: 47,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-89578-238-1


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