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Davenport, Thomas H.; Probst, Gilbert J.B. (Editors)

Knowledge Management Case Book

Best Practises

2nd revised and enlarged edition, 2002, 336 pages, 79 illustrations, hardcover
€ 39.90

This book provides a perspective on knowledge management at Siemens - according to an international benchmarking (MAKE) one of the ’top ten KM companies worldwide’ - by presenting the reader with the best of the corporation’s practical applications and experiences. Davenport and Probst bring together instructive case studies from different areas that reflect the rich insights gained from years of experience in practising knowledge management.
For the second edition, the Knowledge Management Case Book has been updated and enlarged with new cases and add-ons. Thus it once again provides concrete examples of the way Siemens is fostering, promoting and optimizing knowledge utilization. The individual case studies included are also a valuable source of ideas for efficient, targeted knowledge management.
Presenting applications from very different areas, this practice-orientated book is really outstanding in the broad field of KM literature.

Siemens Knowledge Journey · Knowledge Strategy · Knowledge Transfer · Communities of Practice · Added value of Knowledge Management · Learning and Knowledge Management · Visualizing more of the Value Creation · Rethinking KM · Case-writing as a Knowledge Management and organizational Learning Tool.

Preis: 39,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-89578-181-0


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