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Davenport, Thomas H.; Leibold, Marius; Voelpel, Sven

Strategic Management in the Innovation Economy

Strategy Approaches and Tools for Dynamic Innovation Capabilities

2006, 441 pages, 38 illustrations, hardcover
€ 32.90

Innovative ruptures of traditional boundaries in value chains are requiring companies to rethink how they go to market, what they need to own, what they need to retain and innovate as core competencies, and how they innovatively deal with suppliers and customers.

The key message of the book is that the new knowledge-networked innovation economy requires a totally different strategic management mindset, approach and toolbox, and its major value-added is a new strategic management approach and toolbox for the innovation economy – a poised strategy approach. Designed for both managers and advanced business students, the book provides a unique combination of new management theory, selected managerial articles by prominent scholars such as Clayton Christensen, Henry Chesbrough, Sumantra Ghoshal, Quinn Mills, and Peter Senge, and a wide array of real-world case examples including GE, Shell, IBM, HP, BRL Hardy, P&G, Southwest Airlines and McGraw-Hill, within the dynamics of industries such as airlines, energy, telecommunications, wine & beverages, and computing. The authors illustrate powerful new strategic innovation concepts and tools, such as poised strategy for managing multiple business models, poised strategy scorecards (moving beyond the well-known balanced scorecard), the wheel of business model reinvention, and organizational rejuvenation methods.

The book includes the concepts of: Poised Strategic Management, Organizational Rejuvenation, Business Models as Platform for Strategy, Poised Scorecards, Identifying Sources of Innovation in Business Ecosystems.

Innovation is the key challenge for business today, and this book offers a wonderfully insightful new strategic approach. Great analysis and an up-to-date selection of readings and cases.
Paul Adler, University of Southern California

This is a unique book on strategy and strategizing in the innovation economy. Leaders and Executives in all organizations need to pay close attention to this book. This is the new direction for strategy in our 21st century, and Davenport, Leibold and Voelpel’s book is the first available source.
Nitin Nohria, Harvard Business School:

This book provides a new platform for strategic management approaches and tools, and I trust it will find a particular place in the field of strategic management for innovation, both in business practice and education.
Heinrich v. Pierer, former CEO of Siemens AG

Based on wide ranging international inputs, the authors offer a superb strategic tool-kit. They take us beyond the Balanced Scorecard to their own Poised Scorecard, more flexible, multi-purposed and practical, and show us the potential of today’s networked business eco-systems.JC Spender, Leeds University Business School

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ISBN: 978-3-89578-263-3


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